Although this is voluntary, we encourage all customers and visitors of Riverside Sports Bar And Kitchen to share their details in order to support NHS Test and Trace and advise them that this information will only be used where necessary to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you inform us that you do not want your details shared for the purposes of NHS Test and Trace, then you can choose to opt out.

The accuracy of the information provided will be the responsibility of the individual who provides it. 

To support NHS Test and Trace, we will hold records for 21 days. This reflects the incubation period for COVID-19 (which can be up to 14 days) and an additional 7 days to allow time for testing and tracing. After 21 days, this information will be securely disposed of and deleted. 

Records which are made will not be kept for any other business purposes and will be disposed of after 21 days. All data collected will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and will not be kept for longer than is necessary.


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Thanks for submitting your information and helping fight Covid-19!